Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated a list of the common FAQs about adding your business to the CX Industry Business Directory. 

How much does a directory listing cost?

Our first level is free, but if you want to make it easier for customers to connect to you and ensure your business stands out from the pack and appears in more search results we have paid levels starting from just $47 per year. Learn more here or if you'd like us to send you our brochure with all our pricing and options contact us

How long does a directory list last for?

All our directory listings are for 12 months. The 12 months commences from the date you purchase your listing.

Can I list my business in multiple categories?

Yes, although our pricing is per category/sub-category. So if you want your business to appear in two different sub-categories or categories, it would be treated as two separate listings.

For example, if you wanted to appear in Outsourcing/Australia and Outsourcing/Philippines that would be two separate listings. Or another example, Technology/Call Centre Technology and Technology/ Customer Management would be two separate listings. 

As each listing is treated individually, you can decide to have different levels for each listing. For example, in the category you feel customers will most likely search to find your business you could choose a Platinum level listing to make the most of the opportunities.  But you may have another category where customers may still search, but less frequently. So in that category, you can purchase a lower level (e.g. our Classic Level) so your business will still be seen and customers can still contact you. 

What are Search Tags?

Depending on the level you choose, you will receive a defined number of search tags. Search tags are used by customers to enable them to quickly find suppliers of the solution they are looking for. 

In addition to helping people search on the site, all our search tags are indexed by Google - this makes it much more likely that people searching for a specific solution will end up directly on the search tag they are looking for - and looking straight at your business!

In short, the more search tags you can add to your listing, the more chances you have of receiving higher quality leads. 

Learn more about search tags > 

What order do listings appear in?

All Business Directory listings appear in the following order from top to bottom:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Classic
  • Starter
  • Entry
  • Free

We also work on first in, best dressed within each level so there are benefits in purchasing a listing to get ahead of your competitors.  So for example, if you are the first business to purchase a Platinum level you will always retain the top position for as long as you renew your listing.

I can see my business in the directory, but there are no details. How do I claim my listing?

We try and list all the businesses we are aware of for each category to make it easier for to you claim your business. When you select the 'Claim this listing' button, our admin team will ensure you are the rightful owner and once approved, you are free to edit, upgrade and renew your listing at any time. You can learn more here about how to claim your listing >

How much traffic does the CX Industry Business Directory receive?

For years we have been refining our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and marketing strategies to ensure we deliver high-quality traffic to our directory. We now include a full analytics dashboard for our Gold and Platinum directory levels so you can track the amount of views, clicks, downloads and more for your listing. 

In 2020, users typically visit 2.7 pages per visit for an average of 3:04 minutes. Traffic volume has continued to increase consistently throughout 2020 and July 2020 has been our busiest month to date and we expect this trend to continue with our ongoing investment in our Search Engine Optimisation strategy.  

While we are on the subject of traffic - what's really important is the quality of the traffic. We could get hundreds of thousands of users to the site but that would be useless if none of them are interested in purchasing a solution. Our focus has been and will continue to be, on attracting the right type of traffic - customers that are actively looking for a solution using buying signals such as buy, purchase, compare etc

You can learn more about our traffic on the About Us page >

What kind of data/analytics will I receive?

We include an analytics dashboard on the Classic, Gold and Platinum levels that will provide you with the number of views, clicks etc and for the Gold and Platinum level, you'll also receive even more analytics including the number of contact requests, how many downloads of your brochures and lots more. 

Why do you have a free level?

We could have taken the approach to only list paying businesses however above all else, we want this to be a great resource for our customers so we felt it was important to provide all businesses with the chance to add their businesses. Our free level doesn't include contact details but you do get 180 characters (about 25 words) to describe your business.

We have now also introduced our Entry Level listing where you can add your website link and get one powerful search tags for just $47 for 12 months which we believe is an affordable a low-risk option for all businesses. 

I can't see my business listed at all?

That's OK! We tried our best to list as many businesses as we could but it's hard to capture them all. Don't stress though, it's easy to add your business - just add a new listing

How does the CX Industry Business Directory compare to other advertising options?

Potential customers looking at our directory are here for one reason - to find a solution. This makes it the perfect place to showcase your business.

Comparing to options like Google Adwords, you can pay anywhere from $10 to $90 per click making our directory exceptional value.

For example, for 'Contact centre solutions' you can pay up to $96 per click - our prices range from $47 to $1,297 per year

Where do you get the traffic from?

We have invested significantly in our Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that when people are using Google to identify solutions for call centres, customer support and customer experience that our Business Directory ranks highly as the source of suitable suppliers.

In addition, we are connected to CX Central which is the number one ranked website for contact centre and customer experience professionals in Australia - the directory is widely advertised across the site including at the end of each article providing a good source of high-quality traffic.

How do I pay for my listings?

When you purchase a listing, the last section is our payment gateway where we accept all major credit cards or you can also select an invoice (note that your listing won't go live until the invoice is paid!!!)

Where can I learn more?

You can contact us and talk to our Australian based support between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm AEDT/AEST Monday to Friday on 03 9008 7287 or send us a message at any time.