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Call centres can be deceptively complex. A mismatch of technology, skills, processes and systems that can quickly become overwhelming as volumes increase, costs escalate, key personnel leave or your business wants/needs to improve the customer experience delivered by the contact centre. 

And unlike other professions that have minimum standards, benchmarks and defined processes, there isn't a call centre university that everyone attends. In fact, most call centre managers started on the phones and worked their way up resulting in a range of different skill sets, experiences and outcomes. 

But help is available!  

CX Consult provides specialist consulting to help businesses improve their contact centre operations. With decades of real-world practical experience, we can help you or your team with proven methodologies and processes that will result in a more efficient and effective call centre that will benefit your employees, your customers and your bottom line.

Some of our popular services include:

Health checks - Get an independent assessment of your contact centre along with a clear roadmap on how you can improve your operations and the customer experience.

Optimisation - We'll show you ways to improve the efficiency of your contact centre, improve the customer experience and lower operational costs.

Technology - whether it's a refresh of your current platforms, adding in some new technology or starting a brand new centre we can help. We are vendor agnostic ensuring you get the right outcomes for your business. 

Knowledge Management - As calls become more complex and the focus on compliance has increasingly greater consequences, the need to provide agents with the right answers, at the right time is becoming more and more critical. 

Call centre outsourcing - We provide specialist consulting on call centre outsourcing helping you on the entire outsourcing journey or just specific components as you need it.

Strategy - If you are looking at starting a new contact centre, need some help with planning for your current one, or need some help linking call centre targets to business objectives we can help.

Learn more about our services and how we can help your business on our website or give us a call on our phone number below. 

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No centre is too big or small

We have decades of real operational, senior call centre management experience

We are the team behind Australia's #1 website for contact centre professionals - CX Central

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Primary Office Address: Suite 591, 585 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

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Contact Number: (+61) 3 9008 7287

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