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THE PROBLEM | Our Twenty-First -Century agile, hot-desking, sit-stand, telecommuting (WFH), screen-intensive and increasingly sedentary workplace has created a level of health and injury complexity current office ergonomics training was not designed to manage.

A BUSINESS SOLUTION | We help businesses, especially contact centres, reduce absenteeism, stress and attrition by training simple changes in ergonomic adjustments, work skills and behaviours and physical conditioning exercises to decrease work-related pain, increasing comfort and productivity, and improving labour cost efficiency. 

We do this as an outsourced health, wellbeing and productivity training service, building the new Personal Protective Behaviours (PPBs) knowledge workers need to stay fit for work and productive during screen-intensive work.  

A PERSONAL APPROACH | Beyond Ergo - Ergo & Self-Care Implementation Workshops provide a new tier of training specifically designed to provide individuals with the new range of awareness, knowledge, work skills and behaviours, and physical conditioning exercises needed to eliminate or at least manage the multidisciplinary range of issues and risks needed to take greater personal control over health, wellbeing and productivity during screen-intensive work (and leisure). 

SPECIAL OFFER | Book a Lunch & Learn to receive a full one-on-one training session for a consultant experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort for FREE

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