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Over 80% of call centre agents report work-related musculoskeletal aches and pains, and over 11% suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain costs Australia over $7Bn in lost productivity every year.

Our increasingly agile, hot-desking, sit-stand, telecommuting, multi-screen-using workforce has created a level of complexity current office ergonomics training was not designed to manage. 

Developed through PhD research, Dr Kirk’s presentations and workshops translate office ergonomics recommendations into personal protective behaviours (PPB’s), the new self-care competencies that are easy to personalise and quick to apply to any work situation.  


AS A SPEAKER: For audiences curious about reducing absenteeism, lifting productivity and dramatically improve profitability, Dr Kirk’s presentations weave lived experience, research-based frameworks and simple techniques that can be rapidly adopted across any team.  

AS A CONSULTANT: Dr Kirk works with clients to shift from check-box training to building self-care competencies seamlessly – by creating bespoke programs which draw through the best in what exists, and improves it with the application of the Self-Care Competency Framework. 

AS AN EDUCATOR: With the strong belief, the greatest improvements are driven from within, Dr Kirk works with Team Leaders and Managers to equip them with a deeper understanding of how to build self-care competencies in their team – creating champion who can lift entire organisations.

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