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We provide outsourced sales, service and collections contact centres; back office processing; and field services.

We have facilities in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Dozens of industries are represented by the clients we serve and we have extensive connections with Federal, State and Local Government departments also.

PROBE NEXT Generation BPO. We’re lean and keen. Onshore and offshore; human and automated conversations for today; we’re developing solutions that will serve and solve future challenges; we synergise with our clients for greater potency; we use ideas to power improvements for our clients; our unique Passion Culture empowers our people; we know how to balance productivity, quality and cost.

We’re next Generation because we refresh every aspect of our business minute by minute.

And we’re NEXT Generation because:

We’re NIMBLE; we ENGAGE; we deliver X-TRA; and we’re TRANSPARENT.

PROBE Passion Culture. We have a ‘can do’ and ‘want to do’ high productivity culture. Our culture is our defining competency and we have an unbroken connection with the genesis of the game changing culture which revolutionised the contact centre workplace back in the mid nineteen-eighties.

PROBE Technology. Our technology makes it easy for your organisation, and your customers to connect using existing channels; cloud-based technology allows us to add new channels as they are conceived.

PROBE Organisation. We have comprehensive techniques, and procedures to deliver the essential outcomes your organisation needs. Our management team has the experience necessary to measure, manage, and lead. We have an unshakeable commitment to governance.

PROBE People. We recruit, train and manage people ideally suited to satisfy the needs of our clients and their customers.

Fast Facts

We grew 619% between 2016 and 2019.

We are the largest Australian-owned and headquartered-in-Australia BPO.

We have been in contact centres for 40 years.

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Name: Jarrod Kagan

Job Title: Chief Operating Officer

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Contact Number: 0418582593

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