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At Playfulli we do gamification for good!

We want to see workplaces thrive & believe that all employees have something valuable to offer. However, many of their diverse strengths (often the talents that got them hired) are not recognised due to how organisation set KPIs. This lack of utilisation & recognition leaves many employees feeling disengaged.

Through the power of play, our methodologies help create sustainable & inclusive frameworks that recognise every individuals strengths & playfulli nudge them to improve their development areas.

We've developed a profiling tool that's been validated by a behavioral psychologist & helps you understand your team’s player types, what motivates them & what game mechanics are most likely to get them engaged.

We partner with the best gamification platforms on the market & help find the right fit for your organisation. Most importantly, we help you get the most out of your investment by providing you with a tailored blueprint of what needs to go into the platform. We help with implementation and even go one step further to ensure your program is always fresh with our gamification managed services.

If you're not in the market for a platform, but are interested in how to solve problems playfulli - then check out our workshops and training using innovative techniques like Lego® Serious Play®

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