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livepro are experts in Customer Experience Knowledge Management and are passionate about improving customer experience.

Since 2001 livepro have been delivering a powerful knowledge management solution to customer service centres in all major industries including Banking and Finance, Airlines, Insurance, Superannuation, Education, Health and Government.

livepro is feature-rich yet easy to use, delivering answers to agents - not long complex documents to dig through. This makes customer service quicker, easier and more efficient. Staff require next to no training on complex procedures thanks to livepro’s intuitive design, which brings confidence up and training costs down.

With livepro, organisations have reliable answers to even the most complicated customer questions in an instant. livepro is the perfect single source of truth thanks to its easy to use powerful search feature, able to deliver quick and consistent answers through any channel the customer seeks information, whether its via phone, email, front counter, website, self-service, live chat or even modern virtual assistant.

Customers are happier thanks to quick and easy answers to their questions, staff feel self-assured to handle all enquiries, factors of compliance and risk are minimised thanks to easy-to-follow process guidance and costs are cut through reduced training time, AHT reduction and elimination of errors.

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