Call Centre Unions in Australia

Unions for Call Centre, Customer Service and Sales Staff

If you work in the call centre, customer service, customer experience, market research or sales industries there are a number of unions that can provide specialist support for you.

What types of things can call centre unions help with?

In general, unions are there to ensure the call centre industry workers are safe, healthy and productive. They can provide support with a range of topics including:

  • Rosters
  • Pays
  • Annual Leave
  • Full time, part-time and casual status
  • Working from home
  • Promotions and advancement 
  • Workplace conditions (e.g. items on desks, mobile phone usage, reading books between calls etc)
  • OH&S 

You may also want to refer to the Contract Call Centre Award 2020 that sets out a range of minimum standards and conditions for Australian Workers.   

For tips on how to set yourself up for a successful call centre career visit CX Central > 

Most unions charge a membership fee in return for their services. 

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