Call Centre Headset Suppliers in Australia

Call centre headsets are one of the most critical pieces of technology in your call centre and it's not just a matter of one size fits all!

There are a variety of things to consider with call centre headsets that will ensure your agents can easily hear the customer and of course, that enables the customer to clearly hear your agents without distracting background noises.

Things to know about Call centre headsets:

When you are looking for the right call centre headset there is a range of factors you need to consider that we have listed below.

It's also important to understand the warranty terms as this can have a large bearing on your ongoing costs - make sure you discuss this with your supplier so there are no nasty surprises. Whilst the initial price for some suppliers may seem lower, you can still save significant money if you have an extended warranty. 

And when it comes to warranty claims, make sure you understand what the process is. There can be a large variance in the process which depending on the size of your call centre, can also be a key deciding factor in what is best for your business. 

Different types of call centre headsets wearing style:

Call centre folk come in all different shapes and sizes and you will find there is often a (very strong!) personal preference when it comes to preferred wearing styles. 

  • Over the ear with earbud
  • Over the ear headset with no earbud
  • Over the head headset with one ear
  • Over the head heads with two ears

Different types of call centre headsets categories:

  • Corded call centre headsets (the traditional style)
  • Wireless call centre headsets (let your call centre agents run free!)
  • USB headsets (very popular now with cloud-based solutions)

Call centre headsets additional features:

  • Noise-cancelling headsets (cuts out a lot of background noise making it easier for the call centre agent to hear)
  • Acoustic protection headsets (blocks loud high pitched noises from reaching a call centre agents ear protecting their hearing from damage)

Simply search through our specialist call centre headsets suppliers directory below and make contact directly to get great prices!