Customer Service Self-Service & Automation Technology

Current research suggests that customers like the ability to self-serve when searching for information.

This could be by visiting a website, listening to an automated message or interacting with a chatbot that can give them the information they need quickly.  

The suppliers below provide self-service technology & automation solutions specifically for call centres and customer service environments.

Of course, the benefits of self-service and automation technology is not just improved customer satisfaction.

The ability to automate functions using technology enables you to reduce costs, increase the availability of service to customers (e.g. it can operate 24/7) and actually improve employee engagement by removing some of the mundane and tedious enquiries. 

If you are looking for a specific solution (e.g. chatbots, artificial intelligence etc) just use the filters to narrow the selections or click on one of the search tags to only show suppliers with that particular solution.