Self Service Technology for Call Centres

Using Self-Service & Automation Technology to improve the Customer Experience and slash costs

With labour typically accounting for over 70% of a contact centre's budget, there are considerable savings to be made when you can transition customer enquiries to self-serve without the need for a contact centre agent or any human intervention. 

But it's not just cost savings, self-service technology provides other benefits of moving customer enquiries and support to self-service include:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction (customer like being able to find answers to their questions) 
  • Availability (your self-service channels can be open 24/7 without and additional costs)
  • Accuracy & consistency (the same answers will always be provided)

With the need for businesses to always find cost-savings the self-service and automation options in customer support are moving fast. Using technology like voice biometricschatbots/virtual assistants and more and often integrating with multiple systems and platforms like cloud contact centres, intelligent IVR's there is no shortage of available technology and solutions that can help you reduce the cost of servicing your customers. 

The suppliers below provide the technology solutions that will help transition more customers to self-service through the use of automation and stand-alone technology. You may also want to search specialist consultants who can also help drive efficiencies in your business using technology and process improvement. 

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