A list of specialist contact centre training specialists

The modern call centre or contact centre is a unique work environment, unlike most traditional office-based formats. 

A mix of age demographics, increasingly complex calls, loads of technology and of course customers with increasingly higher expectations. Throw in a heavily measured workplace (most call centres record all calls), increasing compliance requirements, strict rosters and so on. 

 But it's not just phone calls!  The modern call centre also handles live chat, emails, video chat and more which requires a different skill set. 

And for the managers of call centres, things have never been more complex. 

Managing people, performance, processes, technology and more often than not, being the champion of the customer requires a unique set of skills. And whilst it's not common knowledge, there is a science behind managing contact centres - skills, processes, formulas and algorithms that apply to all call centres regardless of the location, industry etc. 

But where do you learn that? Wonder no more! 

Contact centre training specialists providers in Australia: