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Outsourcing your Customer Service, Customer Care & Customer Support function

There are often multiple terms for customer care outsourcing solutions such as customer service, customer relations, customer support, customer care, customer loyalty etc and whilst technically one could argue there are differences between them all, ultimately the goal is to ensure your customer are satisfied and supported when dealing with your business's product or services.  

With the COVID world here to stay for the foreseeable future, providing customer care solutions for your customers has never been more important. But that means more than just answering the phone with customer care/customer support now delivered over multiple channels including social media, emails, live chat, SMS, video chat, co-browsing and of course traditional mail. 

Functions can include answering basic and complex enquiries, providing technical support, complaints management, claims and compensation enquiries, conducting surveys and more. 

Helping customers self-serve can also be an important strategy that can improve satisfaction and reduce costs with many of the call centre outsourcers and BPOs offering additional services such as helping you develop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), automation through chatbots, artificial intelligence and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR's).  

How to choose the right provider of customer service outsourcing solutions

There are a number of considerations you need to make when looking for the right Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) to handle your customer care functions. Experience within the same industry vertical may be important (e.g. banking, insurance, retail etc) and some contact centre outsourcers specialise in segments such as B2B or B2C or are more focussed on sales or service (although most will tell you that can do everything!). There are also some call centre outsourcers where size does matter - larger contact centres typically aren't interested in smaller opportunities (e.g. under 10 seats) so often just finding the right outsourcer that is actually interested in your opportunity can be tough.

Location can also play a critical role - do you use an offshore call centre to reduce costs or keep it all within Australia? Perhaps a mix of both can work depending on the level of customer segmentation you are able to perform. 

The technology capabilities of the outsourcer can also be critical - the ability to provide omnichannel solutions for social media customer support, SMS customer support, email customer service, live chat support, CRM tools, complex data reporting, big data analysis etc is something not all outsourcers are able to provide. 

If you are clear on your requirements just scroll through the outsourcers below and make contact directly with the outsourcers.

Prices to outsource your customer service function

There are lots of reasons businesses choose to outsource their customer service function to a BPO from increasing their flexibility, reducing costs, opening longer hours, reducing overheads etc. With specific regards to cost, there are a number of different methods outsourcers use to invoice from cost per call, per minute, per hour, outcome-based and so on which can make comparing the pricing of outsourcers difficult.

For example, some include the cost of supervisors, reporting, phone calls etc as well as different set-up costs, induction rates and more.

The location of the outsourcer also plays a large component in the cost of outsourcing your customer service functions. Indicative pricing by country for fully outsourced call centre agent:

  • Australia - $45 - $70 AUD per hour
  • New Zealand - $35 to $60 AUD per hour
  • Philippines - $8 to $16 AUD per hour
  • South Africa - $15 tp $25 AUD per hour 

The range is determined by the skill of the call centre agents along with various other components that may or may not be included such as supervision, call costs, reporting, quality assurance and so on.

Need some help?

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Where to learn more

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