Fundraising & Charity Call Centres

If you are looking for ways to generate income for your Not For Profit organisation or business, engaging a charity and fundraising call centre specialist is one of the most important decisions you can make. 

Whilst it can seem similar to telemarketing, call centres that specialise in charities and fundraising have developed unique skills, systems and processes to ensure they can engage your sponsors/customers in supporting your worthy cause or endeavour whilst representing the values of your brand.

And whilst the actual customer contact is important, engaging a specialist provider can also help support you with obtaining and cleansing a new list or one of yours, setting up reporting, system integration, payment gateways and so on to ensure your campaign delivers a positive Return on Investment. 

Then there's scripting, compliance, managing callbacks etc. In short, hiring a specialist charity and fundraising call centre provider will fast-track your success.

How to select the right call centre provider

Fundraising and charity calls require a unique skillset and conversely, managing a centre that provides fundraising solutions also requires plenty of experience. You'll need to consider a number of factors including:

  • Location (using an Australian based call centre or one overseas)
  • Experience in conducting other charity and fundraising campaigns
  • Experience in similar sectors and in either B2B and B2C as they are very different skills
  • Technology (automatic diallers, CRM tools, call recording, payment gateways)
  • Compliance and Data Security

Simply contact the specialist fundraising and charity call centre outsourcers below or engage a specialist call centre consultant who can help develop your requirements, set up the right KPIs, contracts, processes, reporting etc as well as support you with the implementation of the campaign.

Or, if you'd like a free shortlist of recommended suppliers just call us on 03 9008 7287 or send us a message

Where to get more information

We have a number of free resources available to help you learn more about call centre outsourcing on CX Central including: