Lead Generation companies

Lead Generation Companies in Australia and Overseas

Finding new customers is often one of the biggest challenges new business face so you'll be pleased to know there are specialist call centre lead generation companies in Australia and overseas that will help deliver qualified leads for your business. 

Whether it's to arrange an on-site visit from one of your sales team, or to receive a follow-up call from a senior sales member at a later stage, the lead generation companies will work with you to find your ideal customer, the level of pre-qualification required, and work out a commercial arrangement that can benefit both businesses.

Type of Lead Generation solutions

Lead generation can often be split into two key solutions:

Inbound Lead Generation

Customers may have seen your product or service advertised or perhaps they have navigated their way to your website. Either way, the role of the inbound lead generation solution is typically to perform a level of qualification to determine the suitability of the customer before committed additional resources. 

For example, a business may be offering free installation of solar panels but to qualify, the customer may need to own their own home (so no renters), have a minimum income, have a minimum roof space of 10m2 etc. The role of the inbound lead generation specialist is to ensure those minimum requirements are met prior to committing an installer to come out and conduct an inspection. 

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation is a bit more like telemarketing but instead of just making an instant sale, the telephone consultant is determining the customer's suitability for further effort that typically involves an appointment with a more senior person either over the phone or in-person.   

 A business may purchase a list of potential customers (view list suppliers) and make contact with each person on the list with a view to booking an appointment once they have determined the customer is genuinely interested in the product. This saves tying up valuable resources (e.g. on-road salespeople) wasting their time unless they already know there is a good chance of a sale.

Many of the lead generation companies are open to a pay for lead arrangement - just contact them to discuss the various commercial models available. 

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