Suppliers of Remote/Home Agent call centre technology in Australia

Whilst there has always been some benefits of using a remote workforce, with the sudden development of COVID19 it is now a critical requirement for many businesses to activate a remote workforce to enable employees to be able to continue working so customers can continue to receive support. 

The suppliers below provide at-home call centre agent technology (aka remote agent, home agent, work from home technology) that can help you quickly mobilise an at-home workforce. 

Remote agent technology is typically based 'in the cloud' which enables call centre agents to log into your call centre queues and all they need is an internet connection (or even a mobile phone) to start taking calls. Of course, there are probably other systems they will need access to (your internal CRM systems, Knowledge Tools etc) which would also require a PC.

The good news though is an at-home call centre agent using remote call centre technology essentially has exactly the same access to all the features as a captive/in-house call centre agent would have including call hold, call and screen recording and even support from a Team Leader using whisper technology.

We've also published an article with some tips on Options for Contact Centres in Managing COVID-19 > 

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