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Search our Business Directory below for a list of virtual assistants (VA's) who specialise in website-related functions based in either Australia, the Philippines or India.  This can be anything from basic functions like updating plugins etc through to custom development work. 

If you'd only like to see virtual assistants who specialise in website services from the one country, select the country below and use the filters to narrow the search for a specific skill set.

Websites Functions provided by Virtual Assistants include:

Virtual Assistants with website skills can provide a range of different functions and services including (but not limited to):

  • Updating plugins
  • Implementing or management backups 
  • Help with hosting and domain names
  • Online shopping stores
  • Social Media integration
  • Mobile optimisation (making sure your website works on mobile devices)
  • Setting up emails to work with your company name e.g. instead of Gmail, Hotmail etc. 
  • On and off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help your Google rankings
  • Design (new, updates and refreshes)
  • Mobile apps
  • Website administration

As this is quite a specialised area, some Virtual Assistants will have coding experience or already be a front or back end developer. Or they may specialise in a particular platform e.g. WordPress, Squarespace, WooCommerce etc. 

How much do virtual assistants who specialise in websites cost?

Being a niche skillset, prices can vary greatly depending on a range of factors like skills, experience etc. The location also has a big influence on pricing - in Australia you can expect to pay between $50 AUD to $200 AUD per hour for website work whilst in the Philippines and India, you can expect to pay around $10 AUD to $50 AUD. 

There are also lots of agencies around who act as a middleman, so you pay the agency and they deal with the day to day management of the Virtual Assistant including quality control, time management, payments etc - of course, you pay a premium for this option.

Both models have their pros and cons. 

Some virtual assistants who specialise in websites will offer set packages that can include website build or maintenance packs, bulk purchase discounts of support hours and so on.  

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