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Microsoft Teams Integration for Contact Centres

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There are lots of businesses that already use the Microsoft suite of products for their business but for organisations that also require modern contact centre capability, traditionally its required the purchasing of a stand-alone contact centre technology platform. 

But imagine if you could have your entire communication strategy consolidated into the one platform? Well, now you can! 

The vendors listed below are specialists at integrating Microsoft Teams into a full contact centre solution that can provide you with leading contact centre capability including advanced routing options, real-time analytics, self-service, IVRs, screen and call recording and lots more. 

Rather than building another silo, the Microsoft Teams vendors below focus on the integration of your contact centre into the Microsoft Teams environment that enables a range of benefits including:

  • A single Unified Communications (UC) platform
  • Access to the whole Microsoft ecosystem
  • Easily connect to your entire organisation across the front of house and back office for improved flexibility in managing internal and external customers.
  • Easy channel management across voice, email, video and social
  • Easy connections to apps like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • 360 Customer Journey management as your customers are always on the same platform
  • Plenty of customisation options through APIs connecting you to hundreds of other solutions

So if you'd like to learn more about Microsoft Teams Integration for Contact Centres, reach out to one of the suppliers below.

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