How to claim your ACXPA Supplier Directory listing 

If your business is already appearing on the ACXPA Supplier Directory with an orange ‘Is this your business?’ button, this page will guide you on how to claim your free Basic Level Listing (valued at $147 AUD) for free. If you don’t see your business appearing at all, don't worry, just contact us and we can add it on for you.

How to claim your listing:

1. Find your listing

Find the listing you want to claim in the ACXPA Supplier Directory and click the orange ‘Is this your business?’ button                  

2. Open a free account

We need to ensure you are the rightful owner or representative of the business.                    

3. Add your details

Once approved, add your logo, URL and information to help customers find you! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find my business on the directory? 

It's easy! Just go to the home page and type your business name into the keyword field or just look in the category you think your business should be listed in. When you find it, just click on the orange button that says "Is this your business?".

I can't see my business listed so how do I claim it?

Just contact us and we'll add your business to enable you to claim it and take advantage of the free Basic Level for 12 months promotion.

What are the benefits of claiming my business?

We get hundreds of customers already searching our directory every month looking for the same products and services you sell so you'd be crazy not to have your business listed. 

Is it really free to claim a listing?

Yes! It's completely free to open an account and claim your listing and receive a 12-month Basic listing valued at $147 AUD. Once the 12 months has expired, if you don't renew your listing, it will be removed from the directory. 

If you'd like to keep your business listed beyond the free 12 month period, you can renew at the same level of $147 AUD per year or upgrade to another level.

What’s the process of claiming my listing?

If you don't already have an account with us, simply navigate to the listing you want to claim on the ACXPA Supplier Directory and click the orange ‘Is this your business’ button. Register a free account and our admin team will then manually review your claim to ensure you are the rightful owner. Once we've reviewed your claim, you'll receive an email confirmation from us.

You can then edit your listing and add your company logo, add your URL, businesses details and more!

Why are you so strict on the email address to register?

To protect your business, we need to make sure the rightful person claims your listing so that's we prefer claims made from the same email domain as your company e.g.

Claims made from email accounts like or will not be accepted as there is no way to validate the connection to your business. 

If you use a Social Media account to join, we will confirm you work for the organisation you are claiming so if it's not listed in your profile, we will be unable to validate your claim.

What can I do if I work on behalf of the company I'm trying to register for?

Don't have a company email address? If you work on behalf of the company (e.g. marketing, agency etc) you can still claim a listing, please contact us with information supporting your connection to the company and we will manually assess the claim.

Why is my business already listed in your directory?

As an industry service, we've tried to list every business to help customers find potential suppliers. Whilst we do our best, it's never 100% accurate as new businesses come and go all the time however even if your business isn't listed, it's quick and easy to add a new listing or contact us and we'll add yours on so you can claim the special offer immediately. 

Can anyone claim a listing?

Whilst anyone has the right to claim a listing, all claims are manually assessed to ensure we only allocate a listing to the rightful supplier. This, of course, is to ensure only business owners or representatives are able to advertise your business. In the event you don’t believe we’ve got our assessment right, please contact us.

Can I include my phone number details in my free listing?

Yes, but you'll need to upgrade to our Essential Level that enables you to include your phone number. You also receive 5 search tags (instead of 2) that will help generate even more leads. The Essential level is $297 AUD per year but if you upgrade when you claim your listing, we'll deduct $147 off the price so you'll only pay $150 for a full 12 months on the Essential level.

Can I add more information in my listing like videos, contact forms, brochures etc?

Absolutely! Just check out the options to upgrade your listing. The good news is we'll credit the $147 for the Basic Level towards any upgraded listings. 

Can I claim more than one listing?

It's common to have a business listed in more than one category. If this applies to you, yes, you can claim them all as long as you are the rightful owner. Just repeat the claim listing process for each listing you would like to claim – each claim is manually assessed on its own merits.       

I’ve already got an account so what’s the process?

Log in first, then navigate to where you see your business listed and click on the orange ‘Is this your business?’ button. Fill in the "Please add comments to support your claim?" section and click submit. Your claim will be sent to our admin team for approval and we'll let you know as soon as it's approved. 

Still got questions? Contact our Australian based support team on +61 3 9492 2781 Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm AEDT Monday to Friday or send us a message anytime >