Call Centre Outsourcers in Fiji

Why outsourcing your call centre to Fiji is a smart move

Call Centre outsourcers in Fiji offer an attractive destination for Australian companies with prices comparable to the Philippines, combined with the warm and friendly Fijian culture and close proximity to Australia, making it an ideal destination to outsource your customer service phone work. 

What are the benefits of using a call centre outsourcer in Fiji?

Using a Business Processing Outsourcer (BPO) in Fiji (also known as a Call Centre Outsourcer) offers numerous advantages including:

Cost Efficiency

Fiji offers a highly cost-effective solution for call centre outsourcing. Organisations that outsource their call centres to Fiji typically experience cost savings of up to 50% to 70% compared to in-house operations, which equates to around $10 AUD to $15 AUD per hour per agent.

This significant cost advantage allows you to allocate your resources more strategically and achieve greater financial efficiency.

Skilled & Reliable Workforce 

Fiji boasts a skilled and multilingual workforce with a strong command of English (English is the official language), making it an ideal destination for call centre outsourcing.  As the education system is funded to the tertiary level, many Fijians have tertiary qualifications and are fluent in spoken and written English. 

Organisations that choose Fiji as their outsourcing location often report a 25% increase in customer satisfaction due to the high level of professionalism and linguistic proficiency demonstrated by the workforce. 

Fiji also has low attrition (The current unemployment rate in 2023 is 4.3%), with most BPOs reporting attrition rates under 10%, meaning less recruitment and training costs.

By leveraging Fiji's talented pool of call centre professionals, you can enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.


Fiji operates in a favourable time zone for Australia. Depending on daylight savings, it's one or two hours ahead of Sydney/Melbourne.  Because of the similar timezones, it means Zoom meetings, conference calls etc., are conducted during business hours, so no more late-night calls to stay on top of things! 

And it's also close by, just a 4-hour 20-minute flight from Sydney! As Fiji is already a popular tourist destination, there are lots of direct flights making a visit to your call centre outsourcing partner a breeze. And maybe you can sneak in a couple of days relaxing on a beach somewhere as well (or maybe it's best you keep that a secret!). 

State of the Art Technology 

Call Centre Outsourcers in Fiji invest in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to deliver superior services and in today's connected and omnichannel world, it's nice to know you can find an outsourcing partner that can help you with your digital strategy that can further optimise your costs and enhance the customer experience. 

Australia also has a direct fibre connection to Australia, providing super high-speed, reliable internet. 

Great Service Culture

It's fair to say that when most people think of Fiji, they think of warm, big smiles and great customer service! Fiji is famous for its customer focus culture and this naturally flows through to the contact centre workers. With a neutral language (no American twang like the Philippines) and a strong relationship with Australians, you can be assured that your customers will be in great hands! 

Where can I learn more about call centre outsourcers in Fiji?

Search the directory below for local providers and click on a search tag if you'd like to narrow the search results to find a Fijian BPO with a particular attribute. 

If you'd like to expand your knowledge of call centre outsourcing in Fiji and other countries, including indicative costs, common commercial models, FAQs etc. read our free Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing in Fiji  or try our free CX Connect wizard to receive a shortlist of recommend outsourcers based exactly on your requirements.  

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