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In the early stages of call centre outsourcing overseas from Australia, call centre outsourcers in India were the primary destination for most Australian businesses. 

Of course, now there is lots of competition from the Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand etc however India still offers a lot of benefits, both with call centre outsourcing and now back-office outsourcing. 

Benefits of outsourcing call centre work to India:

  • Highly skilled labour, especially with technical support functions
  • Cost-effective - India is still a very cheap alternative with costs typically around a third of what you would pay in Australia
  • 24/7 availability
  • Technology - India loves its technology and many of the BPOs have the latest call centre technology and their agents are well-versed in using and applying the latest tech. 
  • Wide array of services - everything from inbound call centre, live chat, outbound call centre, help desk and more. 

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