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Call Centre Health Checks in Australia

Call Centre Health checks (aka call centre audit, call centre review or contact centre health checks) provide you with an independent, objective assessment of your contact centre performance and capabilities. 

What is a call centre health check suitable for?

There can be many reasons for requiring a call centre health check, these are just some of the common ones:

  • You want to benchmark your call centre to industry norms.
  • You'd like to uncover opportunities to reduce costs, improve performance or understand the latest call centre management practices. 
  • You've just taken on a new role with a call centre as part of your responsibility and you want an objective view of how the contact centre is performing.
  • You're managing a call centre but would like some external support in identifying areas you can improve. 

What is covered in a call centre health check?

It can be as specific or as broad as you like. For some, a complete overview of the call centre is required where others just require a focus on certain parts of the call centre. 

It may be surprising to some people, but a successfully functioning call centre is made up of many moving components that can include:

  • People capability (do the call centre staff have the right skills and experience?)
  • Technology (are you using your existing technology to the best of its ability or do you need some new technology to improve efficiency and the customer experience?)
  • Processes (are your processes efficient and consistent with best-practice)
  • Reporting (Does your reporting enable you to make informed decisions?)
  • Key Performance Indicators (are you focussing on the right KPIs to drive your contact centre?)
  • Coaching and Training (Is your coaching helping deliver an efficient, quality experience?)
  • Strategic Planning (is the call centre contributing to the overall business objectives?)
  • Lots more!

Just make sure you discuss your requirements with the consultant to ensure you get the outcome you need. 

What should you look for?

There are many different approaches to conducting a call centre health check. Some consulting companies can take weeks and months reviewing your operations and provide incredibly detailed analysis. Others may just spend a few days reviewing your operations and just provide you with a high-level review and roadmap. 

Regardless of the length of time spent on your call centre audit, the most important attribute of the company you engage is experience! There is a variety of experiences within the contact centre consulting community and this can greatly influence the price. 

How much does a call centre health check cost?

The amount of time a consultant spends on site as well as writing the report(s) and conducting the analysis will ultimately impact the price.  And typically, but not always, the more experienced consultants charge more - but they can typically identify issues and solutions much quicker. 

The key is identifying a consultant you feel comfortable with that has the right amount of professional experience. 

Prices can vary widely on experience, with anything from $1,200 to $6,000 AUD per day the typical range.

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