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Businesses looking to improve efficiencies and reduce costs are increasingly looking to outsourcing back-office functions to third-party providers. Whilst the definition appears to be quite loose, back-office functions are typically considered as easily repeatable transactions that are typically low in complexity that don’t directly involve the customer.

Back-office functions that can include:

  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Human resources
  • Claims and compensation processing
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Customer administration such as data entry for form approvals

Why outsource your back-office functions?

Like call centre outsourcing, there are lots of benefits in outsourcing your back-office functions that include:

  • Significant cost savings if using offshore destinations such as the Philippines and India.
  • Improved quality e.g. you can afford to have CPA qualified accountants for a fraction of the on-shore cost.
  • Improved efficiencies as the outsourcers are experts in back-office functions and may also be able to introduce further efficiencies with experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and more. 
  • Scalability as you can ramp up and down resources quickly 

You can learn more about outsourcing benefits along with expert tips and more on our CX Central website

How to select a back-office outsourcer? 

Like front office outsourcing, choosing the right back-office outsourcer for your business can be challenging. 

Some back-office BPO's specialise in verticals such as finance (employing certified accountants) or Human Resources (with the appropriate degree qualifications) or perhaps it's just general administration work that requires lower skills. 

Then there are country nuances - both in how the workforce is managed at a local level as well as experience in dealing with your own country. 

Add in different commercials models (e.g. hourly rates, outcome-based etc), account support functions etc and you start to get a feel for the decisions that need to be made. 

If you are happy to investigate on your own you can search a list of all suppliers below and to narrow the results by country, simply select the country subcategory from the list below. 

One in the country view, you can select a search tag to find the outsourcer that specialises in the exact back-office function you need. 

Or if you would like some free help in identifying the right suppliers most suitable for your business (based on your exact requirements) contact us and we'll help provide you with a shortlist of recommended suppliers for you saving you time, money and stress!

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