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BPOs and Call Centre Outsourcers in South Africa offer an attractive destination for Australian companies with great value, a strong work ethic and a friendly disposition. And with large Australian companies like iiNet, ANZ, Youi, iSelect and Foxtel already paving the way, the opportunities for Australian businesses to take advantage of call centre outsourcers in South Africa is certainly on the rise!

Well supported by the South Africa Government, there are strong incentives for Australian-based companies to outsource some, or all, of their work to South Africa and with a highly educated workforce, strong focus on quality and compliance and some great synergies between the two countries (similar climate, British heritage, love of the same sports etc) it is certainly a viable alternative to other overseas destinations. 

Whilst pricing is marginally higher than other options like the Philippines, the South African BPO workforce is known for being highly motivated with low attrition (due to high unemployment) with savings typically around 30-40% cheaper than running a similar operation in Australia.

There are now direct flights to South Africa making it easily accessible for Australians and there are multiple BPO regions including Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria all flourishing.  

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