Workforce Optimisation Software for Call Centres

Ready to Supercharge Efficiency? Why you need Workforce Optimisation Software for Contact Centres! 

Workforce Optimisation software for contact centres (aka workforce optimisation technology, workforce management technology, WFM or WFO) is a critical component of an efficient contact centre requiring specialist skills and software to ensure you can have the right amount of agents at the right time, to meet your desired Service Levels. 

If you don't know what any of that means, head over to our CX & Contact Centre Glossary, where we have some great explanations on all the common terms and abbreviations used in workforce optimisation for contact centres. 

We've even got a free Erlang C calculator that helps you calculate how many agents you need to meet your Service Levels. 

There are actually a number of components to Workforce Optimisation or Workforce Management (or WFM for short) that include:

  • Forecasting (working out expected volumes, patterns, etc)
  • Scheduling (e.g. creating rosters)
  • Tracking (real-time monitoring of how you are going against the forecast and making adjustments as required)
  • Reporting

Workforce Optimisation is definitely a specialist skillset within the contact centre industry and it's not uncommon for WFM specialists to spend an entire career working across all the WFM disciplines.  But like a great F1 racing team, you can have the best driver in the world but they still need to have the best car to win. 

With WFM to be done effectively, you need specialist workforce optimisation software that is connected to, or part of, your contact centre technology platform

Why is Workforce Optimisation so important?

The most expensive resource in the contact centre is people. 

With effective workforce management, you are able to ensure the resources you have available are being used efficiently to provide the best possible level of service to your customers.

Whilst the most obvious benefit from this is cost savings, there are also other flow-on benefits including a happier workforce and a better customer experience.

Whilst the majority of contact centres use specialist internal resources to conduct the WFM activities, there are also some specialist Workforce Optimisation Technology providers now also offering outsourced services, enabling you to tap into WFM expertise without having to employee WFM resources directly.

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