Search Tags

Search tags are a powerful new addition to the ACXPA Supplier Directory that help generate opportunities for your business to be discovered by potential customers.

When you purchase a directory listing, you receive search tags that are relevant to your business - for example, if you provide contact centre technology you can add search tags like cloud contact centre, omnichannel, hosted etc that quickly tell customers what your business offers. 

The search tags help generate opportunities for your business in two key ways:

1. They enable customers to quickly find what they need while on the Directory

Users can quickly click on a search tag and find all the suppliers that offer that particular product or service.

Depending on the category, search tags can help highlight special skills, technology attributes or even locations – things that help customers quickly find the right suppliers for them.

2. They'll help your business to be discovered on Google

Each Search Tag has its own page on the ACXPA Directory and is separately indexed by Google.

This means that customers will often land directly on the Search Tag page directly from Google search results rather than going through the main menu here on the AXCPA Supplier Directory.

If your business does not have that search tag added to your listing, your business will not appear on the Search Tag page meaning your business will not be seen.

Put simply, the more Search Tags you have for your business the more chance you’ll have of the right customers contacting you for a solution.

Search Tag examples

As an example, if customers are looking for suppliers of call centre technology there can be many different types including on-premise, cloud-based, CCaaS, Hosted etc which can quickly become overwhelming for a customer.

Just looking at the main category for call centre technology as an example, the default display is to show a list of all the suppliers and all the different search tag options available.

But rather than scroll through every supplier, as an example, the customer can just quickly click on the exact solution they are looking for.

This instantly filters the search results and only shows suppliers who contain that search tag.

The Power of Google

Let's say someone didn't know about our ACXPA Supplier Directory and just typed in cloud-based call centre technology into Google.

Because each of our tags is separately indexed, customers who click on the Google Search results (like the image below) will be taken directly to that search tag results and will ONLY be shown suppliers with that search tag.
This ensures that more customers are going to be seeing your business as providing the exact solution to their needs directly from the Google Search Results.

So in the example above, potential customers will end up here: 

How many search tags do I get with each listing?

The higher your listing level, the more search tags you can add to your listing and the more opportunities to generate leads for your business. 

Search Tag Inclusions 2022

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What are the available Search Tags?

You can use our tool below to find out the available search tags for each category. If you don’t find one that suits your need, contact us and we can add a new one!