List of Australian Call Centre Outsourcers & BPOs

    A list of Australian Contact Centre Outsourcers, Call Centres and BPOs

    Australian call centre outsourcers (also known as BPOs/Business Process Outsourcers, call centre suppliers, contact centre vendors) provide outsourced call centre related services (and more) for businesses across Australia. 

    Australian call centre outsourcers (or Australian contact centres which is the more modern term) not only provide call answering services, they also offer a range of customer-related services including Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support, Telemarking, Complaints Handling, Social Media and Account Management through to complete integrated services like direct mail, advertising campaigns, back-office support and more.

    One of the main reasons for the change from call to contact centre is that the type of customer contact channels has continued to evolve. Initially, it was just phone calls but now social media (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Twitter etc.) as well as emails, SMS, Live Chat and more are all now well supported. 

    There are also Australian BPO's that specialise in back-office functions like payroll, forms processing, data entry and so on - Click here to find Back-Office BPOs in Australia > 

    Where are the Australian BPOs & call centre outsourcers located?

    Whilst many of the larger Australian call centre outsourcers are located in the CBD regions of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart, there are also several regional call centre hubs like Ballarat & Geelong in Victoria, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Queensland and regional towns in NSW like Woolongong all being very popular as well.

    If you are after a particular location you can now narrow the search to Contact Centres in Melbourne, Contact Centres in Sydney, Contact Centres in Adelaide and Contact Centre Outsourcers in Perth.

    Why choose a call centre outsourcer in Australia?

    COVID certainly made things interesting with many offshore call centres forced to shut down due to restrictions on local travel (e.g. lockdowns) and not having the infrastructure to support work-from-home agents and this caught out a lot of Australian companies who had ALL their customer support offshore. 

    That said, there is certainly some savings to be made so it's about making the right decision for your business. Some of the typical reasons businesses continue to choose call centre outsourcers in Australia instead of offshore include:

    • A better customer experience (typically the same-shore is preferred by customers as there are no language barriers, there are cultural understandings etc)
    • Ease of access (it's just easier to visit the premises, attend training sessions, meet with the leaders, be involved with recruitment etc) and that can lead to increased efficiencies, a better customer experience and ultimately lower costs.
    • Compliance & data security (there are laws around customer data being shared overseas etc)

    How much does call centre outsourcing in Australia cost?

    There is a range of different commercial models that Australian call centre outsourcers use but as a typical guide, you can expect to pay between $48 AUD and $70 AUD per hour for a fully outsourced call centre agent that would include the agent's salary, management, technology, reporting etc.

    Of course, not everyone is looking for hourly rates and some outsourcers offer different models like per call, per minute etc but as a rough guide, an hourly rate (assuming you have the call volumes) is the cheapest solution. 

    The skills and experience of the agent, functions (inbound and outbound, sales or service), technology requirements, the amount of training required, the type of reporting you need and so on also have an influence on the final price.

    How to choose an Australian Contact Centre or BPO

    With a large number of options, it can be very difficult and confusing when trying to find the right Australian-based call centre outsourcer/BPO for your business. Whilst most contact centres in Australia would be happy to take on most work, the reality is contact centre outsourcers often specialise in different skills like B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) or different functions like sales or service, and some tend to specialise in specific industry verticals like FMCG, Banking etc. 

    Some of the other things you may need to consider when searching for a call centre outsourcer in Australia include:

    • Scalability - some providers specialise in small solutions (only handle a few calls) and some can handle hundreds of agents and aren't interested in the smaller volumes  - it's important to get the right fit. 
    • Reputation - Do you select someone with an established reputation or a new starter hungry for your business? 
    • Redundancy - Are they using work-from-home agents? Are they only office based? What happens if there is power outage?
    • Operations - How is their centre being run, what is turnover like, are employees engaged, what is training and induction like?
    • Technology - Do they have the latest technology that can help drive efficiencies and improve the customer experience?
    • Reporting - What type of reporting can you expect? How often?
    • Commercials - What type of model do they use - per hour, per outcome etc.

    We've also got a free guide to Outsourcing to an Australian Contact Centre that prices helpful tips, prices and FAQs.

    Free Service to help you find the right outsourcer

    Thanks to the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA), we offer a free industry service to help connect you with Australian outsourcers that ideally match your business requirements. 

    Our Call Centre Outsourcing Wizard will help you articulate your requirements (aligned with what outsourcers need to know) and based on your responses, we'll then connect you to suppliers who are best matched. Those suppliers will then provide you with a proposal and pricing enabling you to compare a range of proposals and save you time, money and stress! 

    The industry service is completely free to use, there are no hidden obligations and you are free to negotiate prices, terms etc directly with your chosen supplier. 

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