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In 2020, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. That means when customers are looking for a solution they are going straight to Google and typing in exactly what they are looking for. 

What appears in Google and in what order is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  With 75% of users never scrolling past the first page, where your business appears on Google can be critical in gaining much-needed exposure. But it can take years and thousands of dollars (and often a lot more) to gain the coveted top position or even just to appear in the top 10 search results. 

Sure, you can pay Google to appear at the top of the page but how many people click on the sponsored Ads? And even if they do, it's expensive. Google Adword clicks for popular search terms in the CX and Contact Centre industry can be over $80 per click!

Thankfully there is a more cost-effective solution. Our CX Directory already appears in many of the leading organic positions for a number of call centre and customer experience related search terms driving high-quality traffic (e.g. people actively looking for a solution) to our directory. 

Our CX Directory is also linked to the CX Central website which is the most visited website in Australia for call centre, contact centre and customer experience professionals. The CX directory is heavily promoted across the site and at the end of most articles there is a link to the directory ensuring more high-quality traffic from your target market.   

Our CX Directory is open 24/7 every day of the week enabling customers to search in their own time and for as little as $47 for a 12-month listing, its a low cost and low-risk investment in gaining more exposure and driving more leads to your business.

What's even better, there is no referral fees or commissions payable, and appearing in our CX Directory can even help your own website increase in its SEO rankings (the power of backlinks if you want to research more).

Australian call centre industry competitor landscape

*Source: SEM Rush 2020

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Why you should list your business:

High-quality traffic 

Our audience is specifically searching for solution providers for call centre & CX related opportunities.  

It's cost-effective

With prices starting from just $47 for a full 12 months we’ve got a solution to suit every budget.

Boost your SEO

We include at least one valuable backlink in all paid listings that can help lift your SEO rankings for your own website.

Levels and pricing to suit every budget

We've set out to provide the ultimate directory to help people find the exact solution they need to grow or improve their business with relevant categories and powerful search tags helping potential customers find exactly what they need. In short, the more Search Tags included in your listing, the easier it is for customers to find your business. 

And to help ensure you can grow your business, we've got five different paid levels so there is an option to suit every budget and marketing objective. Regardless of the level you select, all the listings are for a full 12 months from the moment you purchase with nothing more to pay.

No commissions, no costs per click - just a nice simple once-only payment and your business is set for the next 12 months.  Note that the listings will appear in the following order for each category, subcategory or search tag.

  1. Platinum 
  2. Plus
  3. Classic
  4. Starter
  5. Entry
  6. Free

Listings are also displayed in purchase order so the sooner you purchase, you'll always be ahead of your competitors!

Don't waste thousands of dollars on LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Facebook etc - our listings are only a fraction of the price you would pay in advertising elsewhere and even better, everyone who is on our CX Directory is specifically looking for a solution!   

If you received just one good lead from it that converted it's an absolute bargain. Plus you get additional exposure for your business and powerful SEO backlinks that can help improve the rankings on your own website.

Payment options

You can purchase a listing instantly via credit card or select the invoice option if you need an invoice to raise a Purchase Order. 

Cost-effective annual pricing to suit all budgets:

Free Level

No contact details - just your business name and a few words to describe your business. To drive leads directly to your business, upgrade to one of our paid listings starting from just $47 for a full 12 months. 

Entry Level

Add your business to the directory and include your website URL, one powerful search tag and a short description of how your business can help solve customer issues. 

Starter Level

Make your listing stand out by adding a Company logo and make it even easier for your business to be found with 2 powerful search tags along with a longer description to describe your business. 

Classic Level


All the Starter level benefits plus add your phone number, receive 4 powerful search tags and get more words to highlight your products and services to potential customers.

Gold Listing

All the benefits of the Classic level plus your very own page where you can describe your business in detail and add videos, photos, brochures and get 7 search tags to make sure your business gets noticed.

Platinum Listing

The ultimate way to showcase your business with exclusive features such as contact us forms, analytics, 4 SEO backlinks and more plus 10 powerful search tags for maximum lead generation. 

Still not sure which level is right?

Compare the benefits of each level in the table below.

Pricing options on the CX Directory

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