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Levels and pricing to suit every budget!

The ACXPA Supplier Directory is designed to help people quickly and easily connect to suppliers that can provide solutions for the contact centre, customer experience, digital experience, employee experience and customer service sectors in Australia. 

Prices start from just $147 AUD per year (just $12.25 per month) making it an affordable solution for any business and if you purchase an ACXPA Vendor Membership, you can save up to 76% as well as access a range of other benefits to help grow your business.

No commissions, no costs per click, fake reviews etc - just a nice simple annual payment and your business is listed for 12 months.  There are four levels to choose from when adding your business with each level providing additional benefits that can help drive more leads to your business. The levels will appear in the directory in the following order of priority:

  1. Premium ($1,297 AUD for 12 months)
  2. Advanced ($797 AUD for 12 months)
  3. Essential ($297 AUD for 12 months)
  4. Basic ($147 AUD for 12 months)

How to save BIG on your directory listing 

By purchasing an ACXPA Vendor Membership, you can save between 47% and 76% off our advertised prices. And not only do our ACXPA Vendor Memberships include a listing (or multiple listings) on the ACXPA Supplier Directory, it also includes a host of other benefits including:

  • Adding your upcoming events to the Industry Events Calendar (i.e. webinars, conferences etc)
  • Sharing your Press Releases with the Contact Centre, Customer Experience (CX), Digital Experience (DX), Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Service industry in Australia.
  • Individual ACXPA Memberships so your nominated employees can submit articles, participate in our Support Groups and Forums, attend Live Member Symposiums, connect and engage with other members via our powerful Members Directory plus lots more! 

ACXPA Vendor Memberships start at just $697 per year. Learn more about ACXPA Vendor Memberships >

Why getting in fast matters

In business sometimes it pays to be quick. If being at or near the top of your chosen category matters, then you better act now! New listings are added to the directory in the order they are purchased.

So if you find a category that doesn't have a Premium-level listing for example,  if you then purchase a new Premium level listing, your business will retain the top position for as long as you keep renewing your listing.

The power of backlinks

All our levels include at least one backlink to your website and with our prices starting at just $147 AUD per year, your digital marketing team will tell you it's an absolute bargain.

Backlinks help YOUR website rank higher in Google, so even before you factor in getting more leads and improving your brand awareness, there is an immediate benefit by improving your own website rankings. 

Cost-effective annual pricing to suit all budgets:

There are no ongoing costs, commissions etc - it's just a simple annual fee to list your business for a full 12 months.  Don't waste thousands of dollars on LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Facebook etc - our listings are only a fraction of the price you would pay in advertising elsewhere and even better, you know that everyone who is on our ACXPA Supplier Directory is actively looking for a solution and in the market to purchase. 


Add your business with a Company logo or picture, website URL, business description and select 2 powerful search tags that assist customers in finding your business here on the directory and on Google. 
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All the Basic level benefits plus add your phone number to make it easier for customers to instantly contact you, receive 5 powerful search tags and get more words to describe your products and services.
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All the benefits of the Essential level plus your own company profile page where you can describe your business in detail and add videos, photos, brochures and get 9 search tags to help customers find your business. 
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The ultimate way to showcase your business with exclusive features such as key selling points, contact us forms, exclusive background plus 15 powerful search tags for maximum lead generation. 
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Still not sure which level is right?

Compare the benefits of each level in the table below or click here to see examples of each level. All prices are displayed in $AUD for a full 12 months and are ex GST (10% GST is applied in Australia). Remember you can save up to 76% on adding your business to the ACXPA Supplier Directory with a Vendor Membership - click here to learn more >

ACXPA Business Directory Pricing 2022

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