After years of being part of Australia's #1 website for contact centre & CX professionals, CX Central, in 2019 the CX Directory moved to its own domain that you are looking at now (

In 2022, and with the launch of the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA), this directory is now the official Supplier Directory.

ACXPA Supplier Directory Changelog

We strongly rely (and encourage!) feedback from customers to constantly update and refine the directory to ensure it provides a great customer experience for customers looking for suppliers. In addition to customers looking for suppliers, our aim is to also ensure this website easy to use for suppliers when listing, maintaining and upgrading their listings. 

There is also consistent work behind the scenes to ensure the site loads quickly and ranks well in Google (known as Search Engine Optimisation) which ensures we receive consistently high (and growing!) traffic to the site.

You'll find a list of important updates and changes below and if there is any feedback or feature suggestions you'd like to provide please contact us - all feedback is reviewed! 

November 2023

  • Changes to the URL structure for all listings (aligning them to category/subcategory)
  • Significant update to our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to resolve a number of pages and categories that were not being indexed correctly by Google.
  • New menu colours to make it easier to stand out
  • Updates to a range of Search Tags
  • Removal of broken links

July 2023

  • New category added for CX Automation and AI
  • Added the display 'claim listing' businesses to all categories 
  • Updated the claim listing process
  • Updated Stripe Integration 
  • Updated the expired listing process to reset to claim listing status
  • Updates to font sizes and layout

June 2023

  • New Workplace Training category added including new search tags
  • New Customer Insights category added including new search tags
  • Updated the Recruitment category and search tags

February 2022

  • Click to reveal phone number feature added to primary sales contact (for Premium Listings)
  • Further branding updates to align with ACXPA
  • Updating registration page and login page layout and functionality
  • Design improvements to the analytics dashboard for all levels

January 2022

  • Branding updated to align with the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA)
  • Entry Level discontinued 
  • All level names updated: Entry to Basic, Standard to Essential, Gold to Advanced and Platinum to Premium
  • Analytics dashboard now included with all levels
  • Additional benefits added to all levels 

October 2021

  • Enhancement - new 'click to reveal phone number' implemented along with a new section in the dashboard to track the number of times the  'click to reveal phone number' was used. 

September 2021

  • New Tag - Salesforce call centre integration
  • New tag - Zendesk contact centre integration
  • Enhancement: Added the '3 Key Facts' for Platinum listings to the main directory page
  • Enhancement: Updated the Lead Contact form area for Platinum listings to make it easier for customers to request contact
  • Enhancement: Updated the Key Contact information section for Platinum listings
  • >Enhancement: Updated the URL string for individual listings to improve SEO
  • Enhancement: Improved the lead contact form to reduce any unwanted spam 
  • Enhancement: Added the available pro-rata discount for listing upgrades
  • Fix: Updated the code to ensure help videos are formatted correctly on mobile
  • Enhancement: New help video added on how to add a new listing
  • Enhancement: Added new help text to assist users when adding a new listing

August 2021

  •  Enhancement: Removed the need to have a name in the Best Leads contact (so you can now list a department/team instead of an individual if that’s your preference).
  • Enhancement: Updated heading colours for the different sections when adding a new listing.
  • Enhancement: Add the ability to add a URL link with a tracking code that can be hidden to users in the main URL link.
  • Enhancement:  Adding some headings and changed the layout on the registration page
  • Enhancement:  Demonstration category and listings added
  • Enhancement: New page added making it easier to compare the different levels
  • Enhancement:  Updated the menu items
  • Enhancement:  Redesigned the registration login page to make it easier for users
  • New tag 1300 numbers in Business Phone Systems
  • Fixed:  An issue that preventing people from searching by name after they had selected a dropdown menu item
  • Fixed: Help text not displaying on some fields
  • Fixed: When claiming a listing, some fields were not mandatory which caused incomplete listings to go live.

July 2021


June 2021


  • New Tags in Contact Centre Technology category - Genesys Partners, Amazon Connect Supplier, Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Enhancement: Introduced the ability for new users to claim a free Starter Level for 12 months
  • Enhancement: New layout design for listing pages
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to claim a free Starter level listing for 12 months

May 2021


  • Some users lost data when using the backspace key when adding a new listing
  • Fixed: some users were unable to save a new listing if all fields were not completed
  • Enhancement: Links added to the dashboard to make it easier for customers to check their listing
  • Enhancement: Visual counter added in the dashboard to see how many listings are in each status
  • Enhancement: Improved validation error messages
  • Enhancement: New password strength indicator added
  • Enhancement: New validation email process

December 2020


  • Enhancement: Testimonials added
  • Enhancement:  Dashboard now available for Classic Level listings (provides views and clicks data)
  • Enhancement:  Stats are now included in reminder emails for Classic Listings

November 2020


  • Enhancement:  Improved the section below individual listings that displays suppliers with similar offerings
  • Fixed: The warning message when users select too many search tags was causing the page to freeze for some users.
  • Fixed: The listing renewal process failed to send email confirmations to some users.

October 2020


  • Enhancement:  Improved upgrade options process
  • Enhancement:  Stats are now included in reminder emails for Platinum and Gold listings
  • Enhancement:  Discount coupon codes are now available by category
  • Fixed: Some images were not responsive (mobile friendly)
  • Fixed: The 'Load more' button did not work on some browsers

September 2020

  • Enhancement:  Improved size limitations for attachments and downloads

August 2020


  • Enhancement:  Improved the description text in the downloads section
  • Fixed: In the downloads area, removed the word ‘attachment’ from the file name.
  • Fixed: Increased the maximum file size for document downloads to 8mb

May 2020


  • Enhancement: Improved the reporting for clicks coming via Google
  • Enhancement: Improved the design of the home page search buttons
  • Fixed: Menu option to add new business was not appearing for some users

February 2020


  •  Enhancement: Improved reporting to track how many times the phone number was clicked in the main listing
  • Enhancement: Improved reporting to track how many times a customer clicked on the website URL on the main listings
  • Enhancement: Improved reporting to track how many times a customer clicked on the ‘Learn More’ button that appears on the main listings page

January 2020


  • Enhancement: Added the ability to register using Social Login