Directory Level Options

To add your business to the directory, we have 5 different levels available that you can purchase. Each level provides different benefits and they are displayed in the following order from top to bottom: 

  1. Platinum Level
  2. Gold Level
  3. Classic Level
  4. Starter
  5. Entry

As well as appearing higher in the directory, the higher the level, the more features are available to you including the ability to add your website URL, phone number, videos, brochures, contact forms etc as well as receiving more Search Tags (powerful tag to help your business be discovered more often) and lead forms, contact forms and more.

How the different levels appear in the directory 

Immediately below in the yellow box are Search Tags - these help customers narrow the results displayed to make it easier for them to find the suppliers who specialise in a particular service or product. Underneath those are the 5 different levels you can purchase so you can see exactly how they would appear on the directory. Make sure you check out the 'Learn More' button! 

Comparing the levels 

Still not sure what level is right for you? You can compare the different inclusions for each level in the table below:

Directory Comparison Table for the CX Directory

Great Value!

Don't waste thousands of dollars on LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Facebook or directories with fake reviews and bots,  our listings are only a fraction of the price you would pay in advertising elsewhere and even better, you know that everyone who is browsing the CX Industry Business Directory is specifically looking for a solution and in the market to purchase.  

There are no referral fees or commissions payable on any leads you receive from the directory - there is just one low annual fee and that's it! 

Watch the video on how to add your business or search our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.


Purchase your listing now:

Entry Level

Add your business to the directory and include your website or Social Media URL, receive one powerful search tag and a short description to tell prospective customers about your products or services.
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Starter Level

Make your listing stand out by adding a Company logo or picture, your website URL, a longer business description area and make it even easier for your business to be found with 2 powerful search tags.
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Classic Level

All the Starter level benefits plus add your phone number, 4 powerful search tags, more words to highlight your products and services and gain access to your analytics dashboard to track views and clicks.
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Gold Level

All the benefits of the Classic level plus your very own page where you can describe your business in detail and add videos, photos, brochures and get 7 search tags to make sure your business gets noticed.
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Platinum Level

The ultimate way to showcase your business with exclusive features such as contact us forms, 4 SEO backlinks, exclusive background plus 15 powerful search tags for maximum lead generation. 
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