Call Centre Recruitment Agencies in Australia

How to find Call centre recruitment agencies in Australia

Trying to find the right call centre recruitment agency might just be one of the most important decisions you can make for your call centre. With turnover of call centre staff in Australia typically around 45%, engaging a recruitment agency that specialises in recruiting call centre staff can go a long way in reducing your turnover. 

The reason hiring a specialist contact centre recruitment agency is so important is that contact centres are a unique business and no contact centres are the same - from inbound sales, outbound sales, customer service, account management, technical support and more there is a wide range of different functions that exist within a call centre, contact centre, customer service team or whatever name your support team is called! 

Each one of those functions requires a different skill set. Working in a customer service role, skills like empathy, complaints handling etc may be important whereas for a telemarketing role its all about resilience and that killer sales instinct. 

Specialist contact centre recruitment agencies in Australia are familiar with the industry and local market to ensure they recruit the candidates with the skills that will help your new recruits survive and thrive in your business. From large recruitment agencies with specialist contact centre divisions or smaller boutique agencies, you will find suppliers all over Australia with most main capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart etc as well as regional areas like Geelong, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Ballarat, Toowoomba, Penrith and so on.

As well as just recruitment, most call centre recruitment agencies will offer different recruitment employment models and services including permanent placements, temporary staff, casual workforce, one-off projects, on-site management and more.

With the latest contact centre industry report in Australia confirming that average turnover is 45% and that the average speed of competency takes around 3 months, investing a bit more upfront in using a specialist call centre recruitment agency makes good commercial sense with the initial investment in the placement fees well and truly recouped the longer the employee is retained within your business. For permanent placements, most agencies will also include a replacement period if an agent does leave before a specified time (e.g. 3 months). 

What are the different types of call centre jobs?

It may be surprising to know that there are over 60 different job types that exist in the call centre. To add to the confusion, call centres are also referred to as contact centres (the more modern term) and for many businesses and individuals, they don't want to use the word call centre so focus on names like customer support, service team and so on. So regardless of the name, specialist call centre recruitment agencies can help you fill vacant positions for a wide range of roles including:

  • Frontline agents, contact centre agents, customer service agents, customer service reps, customer care consultants, customer champions etc
  • Written enquiries, claims officers, social media reps, escalations, complaints management 
  • Call Centre Team Leaders, Contact Centre Team Leaders
  • Operations Managers 
  • Call Centre Managers, Contact Centre Managers, Customer Service Managers, Customer Care Managers
  • Specialist positions including Workforce Planners, Real-time Analysts, Workforce Optimisation, Quality Managers, Learning and Development, Reporting Analysts and so on.

What are the salaries for working in a contact centre in Australia?

There is a wide range of salaries depending on the type and complexity of the job. We've listed below some of the average contact centre salaries based courtesy of the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA) that provides insights into salaries for Australian call centre workers.

  • Blended sales and service - $58,300 + Superannuation
  • Outbound Sales Agent - $62,200 + Superannuation
  • Customer Service Team Leader - $83,200 + Superannuation + average performance bonus of $8,500
  • Workforce Manager - $132,000 + Superannuation
  • Senior Contact Centre Manager - $156,800 + Superannuation + average performance bonus of $12,200

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What types of other services do call centre recruitment agencies provide?

Whether it's one role to fill or you need bulk recruitment, you can engage a recruitment company to provide a range of services including pre-employment checks like reference checking, security and police checks, psychometric testing including aptitude and personality tests, emotional intelligence testing, running assessment centres and more.

Call centre recruitment agencies can typically offer a full range of additional services to ensure you can attract and retain the right call centre talent for your business. 

The changing skillset in contact centres

Modern contact centres have come a long way from a room full of people answering basic calls about simple problems e.g. what is my bank balance?

With self-service and AI increasing in use, today's contact centres agents are dealing with complex issues requiring a far greater skillset including problem-solving, handling difficult calls/conflict resolution etc whilst also being able to navigate multiple systems and often across multiple channels including voice, emails, live chat and so on. 

And as for the leaders in contact centres, they require a unique combination of skills including advanced people skills, technical skills, IT, finance and more.

Thankfully the call centre recruitment agencies listed below have extensive experience in the contact centre industry and they can use this experience to help you with all of your recruitment requirements. 

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