Assessment Centre Services for contact centres

Running assessment centres in Australia as part of your recruitment process for call centre, contact centre, customer service and sales roles can be an effective method to identify the stand out candidates. 

An assessment is essentially a method that enables a recruitment agency or internal recruitment/HR team to assess a group of job candidates at the one time, rather than one on one interviews. Whilst each recruitment agency or HR team will have their own version, most assessment centres will consist of a series of exercises, role plays, aptitude tests etc that enable the assessors to view potential candidates in a variety of scenarios that are specific to the job role you are trying to fill.

Benefits of using Assessment Centres for your contact centre or customer service recruitment

There are a number of benefits in using an assessment centre approach for your contact centre or customer service recruitment including:

  • They can be more accurate than a standard recruitment process as they allow for a broad range of selection and testing methods to be used
  • They can be useful in assessing the differences between candidates who seem similar on paper/digital applications
  • They can be good for the candidates as they provide a good insight into the role they have applied for when role-play are used as part of the assessment centre process
  • They can be cost and time-efficient, especially when you are going to involve employees from your business to participate

Running effective assessment centres definitely requires some specific skills along with having sufficient facilities to host them effectively. The recruitment agencies below can offer assessment centre services as part of the recruitment process, or many will offer to conduct assessment centres as a select part of your own internal recruitment process e.g. they design and run the assessment centres for you and then you manage all the interviews of shortlisted candidates. 

Of course, assessments centres are not just used exclusively for contact centres or customer service roles. They can be a useful process for practically any role but tend to be most useful when recruiting large volumes of candidates.

Recruitment agencies that offer Assessment Centre Services: