Pre-employment Checks in Australia

Don't offer that job until Pre-employment checks are completed!

Whilst for some it may seem like an unnecessary burden, a pre-employment check can often be one of the most critical steps of the recruitment process and for some industries, it is also a necessary legal component. Whether it's for medical checks, reference checks, police checks and so on conducting a pre-employment check will ensure your candidate has the suitable experience, expertise and background to meet the requirements of your vacant position.

What is included in Pre-employment checks?

There is a range of checks that can be conducted depending on the type and level of role you are trying to fill, the industry you work in and so on. The best advice is to talk to your recruitment agency, Human Resources team or pre-employment check specialist to determine the most suitable checks for your vacant position. Pre-employments can include:

  • Identity check
  • Right to work
  • Previous employment history
  • Police Checks/Criminal history
  • Qualifications
  • Professional Registrations
  • Working with Children
  • Reference Checks
  • Phone Screening
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Bankruptcy
  • Medical 
  • Physical Fitness
  • Social Media checks
  • Civil Litigation
  • Negative media searches
  • Corporate and regulatory history
  • Psychometric testing (e.g. aptitude, cognitive and personality tests)
  • Emotional Intelligence checks 

Who conducts the Pre-Employment Checks?

You can engage a company specifically to conduct your pre-employment checks or it may be included as part of the overall service provided by your recruitment agency. Of course, you can also elect to conduct some components yourself e.g reference checks and engage a professional to complete the medical and police checks. 

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