Psychometric Testing Solutions

Using Psychometric Testing for Recruitment

The use of psychometric tests has become increasingly popular in recruitment as a mechanism to provide insight into a candidates suitability for a role based on their personality characteristics and aptitude. 

What are the psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure an individual's mental capabilities and behavioural style. They are conducted online and usually consists of two key components:

Ability/Cognitive testing

Designed to measure intellectual capabilities and problem-solving skills these are often multiple-choice questions in a timed setting using both verbal reasoning (assessing the ability to solve problems using written materials) and numerical reasoning (assessing the ability to resolve problems using numbers). 

Personality Testing

Personality testing is used in recruitment to inform decision-makers about a job applicants behavioural style, interests, preferences and motivations. Formats for personality testing can include multiple-choice, sliding scales, true or false etc. 

Technically there are no right or wrong answers, they just provide insight in how the job candidate would relate to others, how they prefer to be managed, their approach on how they solve issues and how they can handle stress and conflict. 

Using Psychometric Tests for Recruitment

Typically organisations use psychometric testing as one component of an overall recruitment process. Recruitment agencies can either offer this as a stand-alone service (e.g. you do all your own recruitment steps and engage them to just conduct the tests) or it can be incorporated into an end-to-end recruitment process. 

A list of recruitment agencies offering psychometric testing: