Recruitment Solutions

Call centre specialist recruitment services

Asides from directly sourcing and placing candidates, there is a range of businesses that provide associated call centre recruitment services. From reference checking, security and police checks, psychometric testing, emotional intelligence testing, aptitude testing and more these providers can provide specialist support to help procure the best talent for your business. 

Can't any recruitment agency help me fill call centre roles?

Call centres are a unique business and no two call centres are the same - from inbound sales, outbound sales, customer service, account management, technical support and more. All have unique skill requirements to be successful and the specialist contact centre recruitment agencies in Australia are familiar with the industry to ensure they recruit the right skills for your business that will survive and thrive.

With the latest contact centre industry report in Australia confirming that average turnover is 45% and that the average speed of competency takes around 3 months, investing a bit more upfront in recruiting the right talent is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.