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Customer Service technology is fundamental to a great customer experience and now, more than ever, the technology is central to being able to service your customers effectively and efficiently. 

But what is Customer Service Technology?

Customer Service technology is any technology that enables you to interact with a customer to meet their requirements. This can include:

The reality is Customer Service Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate with new technologies combined with customer expectations constantly on the move. 

Consider these facts:

  • Personalisation is coming fast - an Accenture study found that 81% of consumers want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach them (and when not to).
  • Companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies.
  • Even with the increasing shift to mobile, 72% of millennials said a call isn't the best way to solve their problems.
Then throw in cloud technology, the Internet of Things, Chatbots, Voice Biometrics and so on and it's clear there is a lot of change ahead. 

But what is the right Customer Service technology for you and who are the suppliers that service the Australian market?

There are now literally hundreds of suppliers and our CX directory that enable you to search and connect to customer service technology specialists in easy to use categories.

How to find the right Customer Service technology suppliers

You can simply browse through the list below of all suppliers or to refine the search, select the type of customer service technology from the subcategory list below.

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