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Make your call centre hum, with SmartTrak 1300 numbers. 

In addition to our standard 1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers, SmartTrak 1300 Numbers delivers a new dimension in tracking the response to marketing campaigns across both traditional and digital channels, such as; Television, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Email, Google Search, Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Above all, SmartTrak 1300 Numbers enables businesses to measure the performance of marketing expenditure across your marketing mix with both Static & Dynamic Call Tracking 

Static Call Tracking

Improve and iterate your marketing efforts. Capture vital statistics of phone calls to assess marketing channel performance.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Incorporating a clever mix of software & telecommunications, Dynamic Call Tracking extends management’s insight into marketing and BAU activities beyond merely clicks and online conversions.

Core Functions

1) Caller ID

2) Call Data and Time

3) Call Duration

4) Call Disposition (Answered, Not Answered Etc.)

5) Calls by Endpoint (i.e. Store Location)

6) Pre-Answer Ring Time

7) Location (Call Network)

8) Google Analytics Integration

9) EDM Call Tracking

10) AdWords Integration

11) Website Page Details

12) Crystal Clear VoIP

13) Device Details (Mobile or Desktop)

14) Experiments and Variations (Optimizely)

15) Location (IP)

16) API Accessible Data

17) Call Recording

18) IP Address

19) Dynamic Change Management & Reporting Portal

Australian Support

With our DNA s firmly based in Australia, Smartcom is attuned to the local marketplace, and likewise, our Australian based support services incorporate rigorous ticketing & processes.

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