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There is a saying that data is the new gold and when it comes to call centre sales and telemarketing, there is no question that having the right data is the difference between campaign success or failure. 

This directory contains list suppliers that specialise in outbound sales and telemarketing campaigns, as well as ensuring the data you use has been washed correctly to increase effectiveness and eliminate callers registered on the Do Not Call Register (saving you from some potentially large fines) or outdated details that wastes valuable time. 

Telemarketing List Suppliers for call centres

If you are considering an outbound sales or a telemarketing campaign our directory of telemarketing lists suppliers is here to help.

A highly targeted telemarketing list can be the difference between a successful campaign or a disaster so spending a little more upfront can deliver a much higher Return on Investment than just blindly calling numbers and hoping to get a sale.

Telemarketing lists suppliers are specialists in providing the call centre industry with telemarketing lists and can work with you to ensure the format is compatible with your outbound dialler/CRM tool.

There are also many call centre outsourcers that can source and manage the data for you, as well as make the calls, process orders and so on. Click here for a list of telemarketing specialists >

Call centre data cleansing 

If you conduct telemarketing or outbound sales campaigns data cleansing will ensure you comply with the Do Not Call Register (DNCR) legislation, remove duplicate content and ensure your data is configured correctly.

Not only can this save you significant fines, but properly configured and de-duped data can substantially increase your operational efficiency and the Return on Investment on any data you have purchased.

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