IVR Voice Recording & Messaging Suppliers in Australia

IVR Voice Recording & Messaging Suppliers for Contact Centres

An Integrated Voice Recording system (IVR) in your call centre enables customers to use their keypad to connect to the appropriately skilled contact centre agent. In simple terms, it's the Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that you hear when you first ring a call centre.  

Modern IVRs are also getting a lot smarter by enabling information to be relayed to customers that can often reduce or eliminate the need to speak to a live agent completely. 

To ensure you provide your customers with a quality experience, the suppliers below provide professional voice artists and backing tracks that will ensure it's consistent with your brand.

Services can also include the complete hold messaging to ensure there is consistency in the entire customer journey on your telephone channel. 

If you'd like to learn more about call centre technology, we have a comprehensive CX and Call Centre Glossary that explains all the common terms, acronyms and jargon and we also publish and rank the performance of Australian Contact Centres each month where we assess them across 48 different metrics, including hold music and messaging. View the Australian Call Centre Ranking Reports >

We also have an article that provides insights into the psychology of call centre hold music to help you design the best experience for your customers.

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