Call Centre Outsourcers in New Zealand with Remote Employee Capability

Improve Redundancy using BPOs in New Zealand with Remote Call Centre Employee Capability

With the advent of modern contact centre technology, it's now possible to have contact centre agents working from home using exactly the same tools as a contact centre agent working in a contact centre environment. 

Whilst there have been contact centres using remote call centre employees for years, the COVID pandemic quickly made it a necessity, with many contact centres forced to close their physical contact centres so if they were not set up to enable remote employees, your phone calls simply didn't get answered.

Those restrictions are hopefully now behind us for good, however, many contact centre employees in New Zealand are accustomed to working from home and do not want the added expense and lost time having to commute to a physical contact centre.

With recruitment always a challenge within the contact centre industry, many contact centre outsourcers are struggling to find quality employees if they do not offer a work from home/remote work policy, which ultimately can drive up costs if they have to pay more to attract candidates, with those costs passed onto you. 

Why engage an Outsourcer/BPO that uses a remote workforce?

Using a work-from-home call centre agent workforce / remote call centre employees provides a number of benefits, including: 

1. Scalability & Flexibility

Because there is no commute time, BPOs in New Zealand can quickly scale up their workforce when you need them.

This makes it perfect for situations when call traffic is larger than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. Send a message out to your at-home workforce and within minutes, you'll have more resources on the phone ready to go!

2. Reduced Costs 

There are no large overheads associated with the costs of providing a work facility, maintenance, etc which results in a lower cost for you when using an at-home workforce. 

3. Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that contact centre agents who work from home are more productive and have less turnover than those expected to commute to work each day. This can directly relate to lower costs for you. 

4. Redundancy

Whilst you would hope we never get locked up again, unfortunately, there is always the possibility.

Having some or all contact centre outsourcers employees working remotely will ensure the phones are still answered if the worst happens and physical access to the BPO's main contact centre(s) is closed. 

And it's not just just for COVID. Having remote workforce capability in New Zealand is also useful for natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, traffic accidents etc which can prevent employees from accessing a physical centre and ensure customer support is not impacted. 

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