Call Centre Outsourcers in Fiji

Call Centre outsourcers in Fiji offer an attractive destination for Australian companies with prices comparable to the Philippines and the warm and friendly Fijian culture which is perfect for quality customer service!

What are the top benefits of using a call centre outsourcer in Fiji?

  1. Cost (around 50% cheaper than running the same operations in Australia)
  2. Culture (famous for their customer focus culture)
  3. Language and Education (English is the official language and they have high literacy rates)
  4. Technology (Direct fibre connection to Australia - super high-speed internet!)
  5.  Low attrition (less than 10%)
  6. Proximity (just 4 hours 20 from Sydney and only a couple of hours different time zone)

Where can I learn more about call centre outsourcers in Fiji?

Search the directory below for local providers, read our free Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing in Fiji or get some free help finding the right call centre outsourcer using our CX Connect service.