Call Centre Outsourcers in the Philippines

BPOs, Call & Contact Centre Outsourcers in the Philippines 

Outsourcing your call centre to the Philippines from Australia can provide significant cost savings along with other benefits like comparable time zones and English as a native language.

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and call centre industry in the Philippines now generates over $30b in revenue and employs over one million Filipinos with hundreds of Philippines call centres providing services such as customer relations, customer service, technical support and sales through to back-office functions like HR, accounting and more. 

The BPO industry is so big in the Philippines that the two top private employers alone in the country are both BPO's collectively employing over 120,000 people! 

Hundreds of Australian businesses already outsource the call centre functions to the Philippines with many now having 100% of their operations offshore whilst some businesses opt to have their lower value calls handled in the Philippines and their higher value calls still handled in Australia. 

Ultimately what's right for your business will come down to your Corporate and Customer Experience strategy. 

The slow decline of the $AUD has made things a little less appealing as most call centre outsourcers are paid using $USD however there are still significant cost savings to be enjoyed. 

Benefits of Using a Call Centre in the Philippines:

  • Lower costs - the primary reason Australian businesses send their call centre work offshore to the Philippines is to save costs with savings typically between 40% and 70%
  • Extended hours - by using a lower-cost workforce you can afford to open your centre 24/7 or at least longer hours than what would be affordable in Australia.
  • Better service - With the lower costs businesses can afford to employ more call centre staff resulting in shorter wait times for their customers. 

How to choose the right Philippines Call Centre 

Like in Australia, there are a number of call centre outsourcers that provide customer management solutions for Australian businesses. Some specialise in B2B or B2C, some are customer service specialists, sales specialists or focus on particular sectors like finance, banking, retail etc.

With the offshore call centres in particular, experience dealing with Australian customers can provide some advantages (e.g. reduced training costs, improved customer experience etc) and then you have to factor in business sustainability, retention rates, reputation etc as all of these factors can contribute to the success of an offshoring venture. 

Other factors you might want to consider include:

  • Scalability - some providers are happy to provide solutions from just one call centre agent and others aren't interested in the smaller volumes (e.g. under 20 agents) - it's important to get the right fit. 
  • Reputation - Do you select someone with an established reputation and pay a little more or opt for a new starter hungry for your business?
  • Turnover - What is the focus on employee engagement, how much are agents being paid compared to others, how easy is it for agents to get to work? Many centres in Manila have high turnover which leads to increased costs in training and recruitment and potentially lower quality. 
  • Operations - How is their centre being run, what is training and induction like, what are the facilities like?
  • Technology - Do they have the latest technology that can help drive efficiencies and improve the customer experience?
  • Reporting - What type of reporting can you expect? How often?
  • Accessibility - Either you or members of your team will most likely be regular visitors so the proximity to the airport etc can have a big influence on costs and time - traffic in Manila is usually horrendous and travelling 10km can literally take hours. 
  • Commercials - What type of model do they use - per hour, per outcome etc.

There are also local nuances to consider with different regions like Makati, Ortigas, BGC, Eastwood and more in Manila to different cities and islands including Cebu, Antipolo, Bacolod, Davao and Baguio all offering different pros and cons. 

If you'd like to save time, money and stress in finding the right call centre outsourcer in the Philippines we offer a free service that will recommend the right outsourcer based on your specific requirements. Just contact us for a no-obligation discussion. 

Or, if you have some experience in call centres, you may want to simply contact the outsourcers below that have the specific skills you are searching for (use the search tags to narrow the results) or you may want to consider engaging a consultant that has experience in offshoring as a small investment upfront can save you considerable costs in the future.  

List of Call Centre Outsourcers in the Philippines:

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