List of Automatic Callback Technology Suppliers in Australia

Helping to improve the customer wait time experience for call centre queues

Automatic Callback technology is a feature of your ACD that enables customers facing long wait times in your queue (on the rare times that would happen...) to request a call back when the next available agent is ready rather than staying on hold.

The automatic call back feature essentially enables the customer to hold their position in the call centre queue and when their call reaches the top of the queue, the ACD then makes an outbound call to connect the call centre agent to the customer. 

It's now becoming an expectation for customers who would rather get on with their life rather than have to have a phone stuck to their ear waiting to get through to your contact centre. Whilst it's not as ideal as ensuring the phone is answered to meet customer demand, there is typically a higher customer satisfaction score when customers are able to access the feature so if you don't already offer it, it's worth seriously considering! 

You can learn more about Automatic Callback technology on our CX Central Glossary or reach out to one of the suppliers below who will be able to assist you directly. 

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