Knowledge Management Systems for Customer Service

Why Knowledge Management Systems are mission-critical 

If there was one single investment to make in your contact centre there is no question it would be a Knowledge Management System.

With the increasing complexity of calls coming into the contact centre channel, as well as the scrutiny of the information provided, empowering your agents with the right answers, at the right time is critical to your customer experience and to drive compliance. 

Combined with reducing your Average Handling Time (and therefore cost) as well as reducing the induction time period (again, further savings) and it is little wonder why contact centres are looking to Knowledge Management Systems to improve the CX and efficiency and reduce the risk of agents providing incorrect or misleading information.

You can learn a lot more on our CX Central article: Everything you need to know about Knowledge Management Systems but one key thing to note - having an intranet site or Microsoft Sharepoint is not the same thing! 

With little to no set-up costs and fully hosted in the cloud, a KMS system is completely scalable to flex with your business without the usual headaches of relying on IT departments and expensive hardware. 

The solution providers below can either help you with the technology, the implementation, training etc to fast-track your Knowledge Management System implementation. 

Simply contact the providers below who would be happy to provide you with a free demonstration or if you'd like some free advice on selecting the right Knowledge Management vendors for your business, call us on 03 9008 7287 or send us a message for a no-obligation discussion. 

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