Noise Cancelling Headsets

If you've ever walked into a call centre you have probably realised they can get loud! 

In a busy call centre (and it's rare you find a quiet one!) there are normally lots of people all talking to customers at the same time creating lots of noise in the centre. Add to this printers, people standing around talking, people walking through etc and it can be a very noisy environment even with the best acoustic dampening materials.  

Of course, working in a call centre the primary function of an agent is to talk to customers all day on the phone so the call centre headset becomes a critical tool in enabling them to do their job effectively.

Noise-Cancelling headsets that are designed for call centres in simple terms block out the surrounding/ambient noises. This enables the agent to hear a customer clearly without having to increase the headset volume which, in turn, can increase the risks of an agent suffering a short term or long term hearing injury. 

Most modern call centre headsets offer multiple connection options including a standard 3.5mm plug, a USB port on your computer, or a Quick Disconnect (QD) cable. If you prefer a wireless headset, you can also find both DECT and Bluetooth versions.

As well as multiple connection options, most will work across all communication platforms including Genesys, NICE, Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft etc 

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