A list of Overflow Call Centre providers

Despite all the best intentions, there are often times when your call centre is unable to handle the call volumes to service your customers effectively and you may need to engage an overflow call centre provider. 

Whilst good forecasting practices can help to reduce the risk of having call volumes you can't handle, unexpected events can and do happen and you can suddenly experience call volumes you can't handle leading to longer wait times or engaged signals and with it,  increasingly frustrated customers, lost orders and brand or reputation damage. 

Reasons to use an overflow call centre 

1. Excess Volumes

One of the toughest things about running a contact centre is trying to ensure you have the right amount of staff on the phones at the right time when customers are calling you. But like most businesses, call centres are prone to random events that can impact even the best-laid plans.

Wild weather, unexpected sick leave, can quickly add unexpected call volumes to your business and dramatically increase wait times for customers. In a service call centre where customers are calling for general enquiries a few extra minutes may not matter whereas for sales-based call centres, every lost call is lost revenue.

 2. Crisis Management 

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances are often at the root cause of needing a third-party to handle a dramatic influx of calls, and fast. 

Product recalls, a negative media story, a viral social media post and more often lead to a massive increase in call volumes that not only need to be answered, but also need a strategy on how to handle the calls. 

3. Scheduled Relief 

Needing a call centre overflow service is not always a result of unexpected events. Lots of businesses rely on having a call centre outsourcing partner ready to handle excess call volumes at scheduled times (e.g. during peak periods, lunch breaks, scheduled training or meetings) or when there is simply no physical capacity left at your existing facility to add more resources. 

How to choose the right overflow call centre provider

The good news is there are call centre outsourcers who specialise in providing overflow call answering service either at short notice or as part of a regular planning cycle.  Like traditional call centre outsourcing, it's important to do your research when selecting the right partner.

Questions to ask include:

  • Do they have experience running overflow campaigns for other clients?
  • What is their current capacity? Do they need to hire additional resources?
  • How many other campaigns will their employees also be handling?
  • What type of commercial models do they offer (per call, per minute, per hour etc)
  • Can they provide technology that helps automate some of the calls to reduce costs?
  • Do they offer onshore and offshore solutions?

Just contact the overflow call centre providers directly below or you may also want to look at engaging a specialist call centre consultant who can help with everything from your overflow/workforce planning function through to selecting the right partner. 

We also offer a free service that can provide you with a shortlist of recommended call centre overflow specialist providers that are best placed to help you. Just call us on 03 9008 7287 or send us a message and we'll provide you with our expert advice for free.

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