Amazon Connect Call Centre Solution Providers

Amazon Connect now available for Contact Centres

If you've been around IT for any length of time you would know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been the gold standard for website hosting for a long time so it's with welcome news they have now launched their own technology known as Amazon Connect for contact centres and customer managament. 

Like many of the cloud contact centre solutions now available, Amazon Connect is a virtual contact centre that requires no hardware purchases at all. And it's not just voice - Amazon Connect also provides a range of other solutions including live chat, skills-based routing, real-time and historical analytics and so much more. 

But where Amazon really differs is its commercial model. While many cloud contact centres solutions work on per agent, per month basis, Amazon Connect used for voice (contact centres) is a consumption-based model where you are billed a per-minute rate that in Australia (as of 2021) is $0.018 per minute. There are no up-front payments, no long-term commitments and no minimum monthly fees.

So whether you have a small office or contact centre, or you're a large corporate with thousands of contact centre seats, Amazon Connect is a viable option that can potentially save you up to 80% off traditional contact centre solutions.

How to purchase Amazon Connect

If your business is already operating on the AWS network it couldn't be any easier! But even if you're not, Amazon Connect is positioned as being really simple to set up with an omnichannel contact centre able to be set up in just a few clicks. 

Of course, like a lot of IT things it always sounds easy when you know what you are doing!  But you don't need to go it alone. 

There a now a number of Amazon Connect partners that can help you set up your contact centre and provide ongoing support so you can focus on running your contact centre, not the technology. 

Simply search below for technology partners who can help set up a new contact centre for you or help transition you from your existing platform across to Amazon Connect.