Call Tracking Software Providers in Australia

How Call Tracking Software can be your secret sales weapon

Put simply, call tracking uses software to determine how customers found, and then contacted your business by telephone. 

This Marketing Technology (Martech) can be useful when companies are advertising over multiple platforms such as Google Ads, websites, TV commercials, newspaper ads and so on and what to better measure their ROI (Return on Investment) for their marketing spend. 

It can also be beneficial for the contact centre and the overall customer experience because when the source of the call is identified, different treatment can be provided to the customer (e.g. order of priority in answering, routing calls to different skilled agents and so on). 

Using a process called web voice synchronisation, you can also collect data on which pages on a website customers visited which again, can better inform the contact centre to ensure the optimal level of service is provided. Learn more about web voice synchronisation > 

There are a number of companies that can help you set up call tracking software, as well as provide dashboards, reports etc to make it easy to understand and interpret the data.

These can be stand-alone systems or they can integrate with contact centre technology platforms - just be sure to chat to the vendors below about your requirements. 

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