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Hosted Call Centre Software & Cloud Technology 

Whilst there is a perception that hosted cloud-based call centre software technology is relatively new, thousands of businesses have already transitioned to their call centre to the cloud and in Australia and a recent Frost & Sullivan report identified Australia as one of the most established cloud contact centre markets in the Asia Pacific region. 

The reason thousands of businesses have moved their call centre to the cloud is that hosted call centre software offers a range of benefits over the traditional call centre model that involved the need to have dedicated (and expensive) technology and software installed at a local level. 

The one thing the contact centre industry hasn't settled on though is what is the appropriate name?  

You'll hear cloud-based call centre software solutions referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosted Call Centre Technology, Hosted Contact Centre, Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS), cloud call centres or just call centre technology but essentially, it's all the same thing. 

For clarity, when a call centre is in the cloud there are a couple of key components. The hosted cloud contact centre software is what the call centre managers and the call centre agents experience and that call centre software has to be stored somewhere.

Commonly, the technology vendors host the software on their own network which is known as a hosted call centre solution so essentially you don't need to worry about the hardware at all and just use the software. This is often referred to as Contact Centre as a Service or CCaaS and is the easiest, cost-effective solution to small to medium businesses (and potentially large contact centres as well).

With the COVID crisis catapulting the remote employee workforce, there has never been a better time to have a robust cloud-based contact centre technology solution to enable your employees work seamlessly in the office or at home. 

Benefits of hosted cloud-based call centre software solutions

There are numerous benefits is moving your call centre technology to the cloud including: 

1. No hardware required

Users can access their call centre software through either an app installed on the phone or computer or, depending on your chosen solution, directly via a web browser. 

2. Cost Savings

There is no expensive equipment to purchase upfront, with most cloud-based call centre software models just requiring a per-user monthly price. You also won't need an IT expert to set it all up and maintain it saving you thousands of dollars every year.

Whilst vendors can use different pricing models and, of course, there is a wide range of features, support etc that can influence pricing, you can expect to pay somewhere between $20 AUD and $120 AUD per month per agent. 

3. Scalability

With a hosted cloud call centre solution you typically only pay for what you use.  This enables you to scale your solution up and down as your call centre needs change. 

4. Flexibility

As all you need is an internet connection your agents can connect from anywhere in the world making it easy to use a work-from-home workforce that can make it easier to attract and retain call centre agents (and also access additional resources fast when you need them). 

5. Access Powerful Features

Call centre software enables you to access all the standard call centre functions like call queuing and reporting through to advanced features like outbound diallers, powerful skills-based routing, omnichannel, speech analytics and more. Most vendors have solutions where you can start small and add on extra features as your business requirements change

Choosing the right cloud call centre provider 

Like any decision for your business, choosing the right partner is critical for success. There are literally hundreds of different call centre software suppliers with new ones appearing on a frequent basis making it hard to work out the right partner for you. 

Many of the traditional (hardware-based) call centre technology vendors have also moved their solutions into the cloud or, can offer a blend of on-premise and/or hosted solutions depending on your requirements. This can be advantageous as the cloud contact centre technology is not always the right option - it really does depend on your business requirements.

There are plenty of small providers doing an excellent job, and we've also heard of some horror stories from both small and large providers. The key is to just do your research - contact the suppliers and ask to see real-life demonstrations, talk to existing customers and ask for references. And make sure you are clear on your requirements.

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