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What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI (aka Conversational Artificial Intelligence) typically refers to technology such as chatbots or voice assistants that are used to handle customer enquiries.

They use large volumes of data, machine learning, and natural language processing to help imitate human interactions, recognising speech and text inputs and translating their meanings across various languages in order to eliminate or reduce the need to speak to a live agent. 

It is typically used to reduce costs in customer support and deployed correctly, it can enable customers access to quick answers and solutions to their issues 24/7, which otherwise may not have been possible due to the cost limitations of 24/7 operations especially in with the high salaries of Australian customer service staff and the penalty rates applicable to shifts outside of normal hours. 

How to get started with Conversation AI for Customer Support

First, you'll need the technology and thankfully, you'll find a list of suppliers below that can provide and support conversational AI in your business.

Then, one of the easiest places for businesses to commence is to create a list of frequently asked questions and start building your AI tool to handle those enquiries. But it's not just customer support, there are many places conversational AI can be useful including: 

  • Online customer support
  • Health Care
  • Computer software
  • HR Processes

Without getting too technical (we'll leave that to the experts), one exciting attribute of Conversational AI is that it can 'learn' and improve its successful resolution rate and if things get a little difficult, the customer enquiry can still be routed to a live agent to take over where applicable. 

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