Gain a Competitive Edge with SmartcomAI.

Conversational AI for Inbound & Outbound Contact Centres 

The possibilities with a voice AI assistant are endless. Our conversational AI technology is continuously evolving, offering new innovations to transform your business.

Amplify Results with Less Effort!

- Scale effortlessly: 100 or 100k calls, Our AI can handle any volume.

- Multichannel engagement: Send text messages and emails, before, during or after the call.

- Multilingual support: Our AI can speak all languages, so you can offer support in a language of your customers’ choice.

- On-brand experience: Choose from a library of premium voices.

- Seamlessly integrate: Our AI works with your existing CRM solutions and call centre technology.

- Better data: Get call transcripts, call summaries and insights in real time from every conversation.

Our Conversational AI phone agents offer a whole new way to streamline your customer support, improving your overall customer experience.

Custom AI Agent

Our voice AI agents can be tailored to your business needs and meet the highest global privacy and security standards with ISO 27001, SOC 2 certifications, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance.

Plug and Play AI Assistants

Fast to deploy and designed to deliver impact, SmartcomAI agents are ideal team members, embodying the AI capabilities you've always envisioned.

Lucy - Answers calls for innovative individuals and businesses

- Best-in-class conversational experience

- Answer all missed calls on your behalf

- Real-time call summary via text and email

Alex - Handles FAQs for fast-growing businesses

- Powered by leading-edge LLM & AI technologies

- Qualifies inbound leads for your business

- Manages appointment including making, cancelling and rescheduling

- Dynamically routes calls to individuals or departments

Sam - Conducts calls for follow-up and payment reminders

- Follow-up customers

- Retrieves missing documents

- Helps complete transactions

- Multi-channel communication

Business Applications

Answer FAQs with ChatGPT powered Voice AI

Answer FAQs over the phone 24/7, from external customers and internal employees.

Capture Leads, increase Appointment bookings

Answer every incoming call, capture lead details and book appointments on the spot.

Speed up your Business Process

Follow up missing documents and incomplete applications. Speed up the process and maximise conversion.

Expand Service Hours - Not your Headcount

Offer 24/7 support, resolve enquiries outside of work hours and improve customer satisfaction.

Proactively Reach Out & Engage

Remind customers of upcoming payments and appointments, or share critical updates.

Scale Customer Service Operations Effortlessly

Handle any number of calls in a language of your customers’ choice. Expand capacity within days.

Australian Support

With our DNA s firmly based in Australia, Smartcom is attuned to the local marketplace, and likewise, our Australian based support services incorporate rigorous ticketing & processes.

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